Register your ORCID id
          Please follow the link below 
          Register your ORCID id
            Notice: Please use  NCCU email as your primary email address.
        You can grant permission for librarian to update your ORCID record, acting as a delegate or proxy for managing your account.
         To grant access to a trusted individual, go to  Trusted individuals.
903f2b373207141488a4f7fa903e699e.jpg        In the search box, enter the library ORCID email address-, then click search.  
          If you enter , a pop-up box will ask you to confirm that you want to add that user as a trusted individual by clicking Add as trusted individual.              



        This is NCCU Library ORCID id



        [source: Add a trusted individual to your account]


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           The final step is to authorize to NCCU Institutional Repository.    
         Click Authorize (sign in your ORCID first), then enter your NCCU email.
          If you are a newly recrutied professor, please send your name, ORCID ID and your nccu email address to in advance.

           View your ORCID record, and add your NCCU email as primary email address. You must verify your primary email address first.