Turnitin User Guide
1. Apply for Turnitin account   
(1)Apply for Turnitin account 
        All postgraduate students should contact the teaching assistant in each department for applying for a new account to login "Turnitin" .
  (2)Setting up your account from your welcome email (NCCU email)
2.Submitting a paper

  (2)File upload submission
       Log in Turnitin 
         A. Click class name 

         B. On the Class Homepage, please click Submit

         C. Enter the submission title
         D. Choose the file you want to upload to Turnitin
         E. Click the Upload button

         F.   Click the Confirm button 
         Your submission is complete. 
After the submission, the button will change from "Submit" to "Resubmit". After the first submission, a prompt will pop-up everytime you resubmit your paper. If the window doesn't pop up, please confirm your browser's settings. 
You  can resubmit your paper to overwrite your previous submission until an assignment's due date.
You are allowed three resubmission attempts where the Similarity Report will generate within 1-2 hours. After three attempts, you'll have to wait 24 hours before a new Similarity Report can be generated.
Under the Similarity column, you'll find your similarity score. You can click the similarity score or View button to access the similarity report.
3.The Similarity Report